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About Project Okkhor52
   Through huge success of Lipighor, we've done laborious work on various types of Bengali Fonts and did extensive research and development on the way to perfection in Typeface Making. We've gathered vast experience in Designing and Building diverse qualities of Bengali Fonts. We always tried to cater our service without any cost. But in the war of existence and survival, we had to add some paid-only services in Lipighor. That's why we are introducing Free Bengali Font Archieve - Okkhor52.
   This Archieve will serve the purpose of the Largest Collection of Free Bengali Fonts. Users will be able to download the fonts available here without any monetary donation. We are trying to contribute our best and dedicating Okkhor52 to the Noble Martyrs of Language Movement (Bhasha Andolon) of 1952, the name of Okkhor52 project depicts this theme. In Bangla, Okkhor is Alphabet and 52 is all about 1952.
   We will use our vast knowledge related to Bengali Fonts and we will try to collect all free fonts scattered here and there, contact their original authors, then with their proper permission (Where we'll be able to find the original author), we will purify the font (if necessary), accumulate them in one place, and with proper contribution to the original author, we will publish those fonts from Okkhor52.
   Every existing Font Designer / Developer / Publisher is being requested to help us actively in this conglomerate project Because we are trying to create a Uniform Platform for Font related works to help each other and through learning from one another, our combined knowledge will flourish to the ultimate level of Font Making.
Thanks for spreading your helping hand. Let's work together for Bangla Fonts and let's pay homage to those great Martyrs of 1952.
- Team Lipighor